Daniel Goodman is a talented singer / songwriter whose songs set poetic lyrics to music. His latest offering is a classy four track EP featuring songs that showcase a new side to Daniel’s music. This ... read more
Maverick Country
His baritone is a ringer for The The’s Matt Johnson with a touch of Ian Anderson that finds the sweet spot between a growl and a moan. He doesn’t need more than a guitar as is clear on the moving “Pin ... read more
American Songwriter
I don't know what it is, but there is something appealing to my ears about beautiful music paired with gruff vocals. From Tom Waits to Neil Young to Mark Knopfler and of course Bob Dylan the ability t ... read more
Blinded By Sound
Daniel's an old pal I thought I'd give him a shout out here. His song exists mainly in teh acoustis blues-rock category but they've got lot of heart. His voice has that early Dylan scratch with a tou ... read more
Midnight Cafe
There’s nothing like a folk record in the fall. Jangly acoustic guitars resonate the familiar chords of a simpler, lost generation while nature gives way to a new season. From the poetic mind of Danie ... read more
Innocent Words
Daniel Goodman’s folk-rock-blues troubadour stylings owe a significant debt to Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and Nick Drake; more often than not, the emphasis is on the vocals rather than the music. Sometimes t ... read more
Pop Matters