Coming on the heels of Goodman’s critically acclaimed 2011 release, ‘Cold Wind’, arrives ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ The four song EP which is an inspired collaboration by Goodman and NYC drummer Jon Weber.


“Keys to the Kingdom,” the title track is a poignant and sarcastically dramatic homage to the golden age of Folk Rock. As well as a sayonara of sorts of the salad days of youth.


Recorded at NYC’s Legendary Magic Shop Recording Studio, and produced by Grammy award winner Mario J McNulty (David Bowie/Lou Reed) “Keys To The Kingdom” brings together a who’s who of great rockers from guitarists Earl Slick (David Bowie, John Lennon) and Larry Saltzman (Simon & Garfunkel) to drummer Jon Weber (Rock of Ages/ Broadway).


In the fall, the floods came.

The river rose and they called the game, and all my kids were chasing flies.

The devil laughed, Jesus cried and I, I lost the keys to my kingdom.

“I love T.S. Elliot’s wistfulness in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and the prophetic imaginings of Orwell’s 1984,” Goodman says. His urgent tone beseeches the listener to join him on a journey back to a time, “when things meant something.”


The force of Goodman’s poetic lines are a rallying cry for people to stand up for beauty and hope even in the face of impending disaster.


In another track, “Sons of Cain,” set to a lovely hypnotic rhythm, Goodman, whose voice hearkens back to the era of musical and social revolution, croons:


The Plowman weeps as the Wiseman reaps the bitter fruit of seeds he’s sown. On a flooded plain where the scar remains that ran deep in to his bones. And on the dusty lane, God asked Cain, ‘please explain.

— Stephanie Thompson